Making a difference — with music!
Making a difference — with music!

What we do:

CAMEO Arts Foundation, Inc. (CAF) organizes and underwrites Benefit Concerts in the Vermont/ New Hampshire region, so that communities have access to high quality, affordable live music, and organizations that work to meet basic human needs receive much-needed support.



How it works:

CAF maintains a Registry — an auditioned database of musicians (ensembles and individuals) in the Vermont/New Hampshire region who are interested in sharing their gifts to help others. We partner with local venues (churches, community centers, schools, etc.) that host our concerts and help us choose the organization to receive the concert’s proceeds. Admission at all CAF-sponsored concerts is by free-will offering, all of which goes to the designated charity. The concert is a gift of beauty, which we hope will encourage a compassionate and generous response. 



Why it's important:

Music is a language of feelings, and live music can be a powerful, transformative experience. Our concerts support the arts economy of Vermont and New Hampshire, by compensating musicians for a portion of their time and effort and by providing a variety of live music experiences in many small and scattered communities. Through our Benefit Concerts, we generate resources for organizations that support the most vulnerable in our society; and we give our venue partners more opportunities to be utilized by the wider community and recognized as the local treasures they are.



Other initiatives:

     CAF’s in-house ensemble, CAMEO Baroque, specializes in music of the Baroque era performed on modern copies of original instruments. In addition to participating in the Benefit Concerts program, CAMEO Baroque is also available to do enrichment programs in schools (especially in those districts that do not have large budgets for arts and music).


    The Network is CAF’s ongoing effort to connect student musicians and amateurs who are interested in sharing their musical gifts with appreciative audiences. Through the Network, a student pianist might arrange to play Christmas Carols at an assisted living facility; a young violin player might find an accompanist and the two might offer special music to a local faith community or school. While CAF does not subsidize these performances, we hope that by facilitating them we will continue to strengthen arts and music in our region.



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